95 Reunion News

Based on the recent poll and majority’s availability we are going with Bengaluru as venue and Saturday, 27th July as our 2019 reunion date.

We all have to work together to make this event a memorable one and this is also a curtain raiser for our Varsham 2020 reunion

As a start a rough outline of the arrangement is as follows - we can finalise or leave it to the organisers to decide the details based on the majority’s suggestion

Meeting up at 9:00am on Saturday morning at the venue and spending a day together with various informal * programs and the main event will conclude at around 5pm. For those would like to continue the merry they can do so which we *strongly recommend by staying overnight in the same venue and for those who want to join the party early, especially our friends from overseas and all over India there will be an option to stay at the hotel/resort a night before the event and they can continue till Sunday Morning.

We need volunteers to plan and coordinate this event to the very detail and batch/class and regional reps to reach out each and every one of our batchmates

Now as a matter of urgency we have to decide on the following

Reunion 2019
- General Convenor

Convenors for

A sub committee for theme song, logo, banner publicity

Transportation coordinator
-Travel arrangement (Within Bengaluru)
-Travel arrangement from Thiruvananthapuram to Bengaluru

- Class reps

Regional coordinators for
- Kerala
-Delhi and rest of North India
-UK & Europe
-North America

Would request those who are interested please come forward or nominate someone on their behalf to fill the above places

We have formed a WhatsApp group to coordinate this event and those who would like to join the group to volunteer and coordinate the event or just wanted to be a part of the organising committee please let us know via email or by the Mace95 whatsapp group.

Would like your views in planning and making the arrangements and also share your suggestions to make this a grand success and a memorable one for all.

To see the list of people who will be attending the reunion just click the Attendees link on the left navigation bar! For those of you that signed up, please update them on the website so we have a contact phone for you in case we need to update you with any news.

See you soon!

Confirmed Reunion Attendees