Rahoof's Reunion Recap

Dear Friends,

One of the biggest surprises that I had during this year 2005 is the letter regarding the re-union.
The moment I read it, my heart leapt to be at Dubai to attend the global re-union. Fortunately for me, fate favored and on 15th December 2005 , I found my dream come true. As I walked into the hall of Dierra Sheraton Hotel , Dubai, I had a de-javu feeling. It was exactly like the way Hari had put it in his speech, the feeling of being in the cafeteria of MACE and looking around to find the friends who belonged to our group. To see so many familiar faces after 10 years was a great moment. All of them were dressed in their best and for a moment I wondered if each one has changed to suit the dignity of their formal wear. But when the programme began I knew nothing had changed.
The guest for the day and all other eminent gentlemen who addressed us knew MACE95 too well to bore us with long speeches. Instead they took us back to our days in MACE and reminded us of good old moments there.
Soon after the formal session, we found ourselves being introduced to ourself. That is , the 'me' at MACE and the 'me' today. When the golden moments, songs and dances performed at MACE were shown on screen it was evident that MACE 95 was as young at heart as 10 years ago. They still did not want to loose a chance to rock to the music. Coats and suits aside , MACE 95 was live again.

The great food, the American auction, the programme for couples, the orchestra, the clown to entertain the kids, all made it an ever memorable day.
The desert safari on the next day added adventure to the programme. Perhaps I never thought that my first drive on the doons of the desert will be with my old friends. At the end of the day, I was more sure that MACE 95 has not changed.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All fun and no fight makes MACE 95 a dull batch.

Just like our arts festival, this was no exception.
When a stranger created trouble for us MACE 95 again stood together exhibiting the same unity that made them special 10 years ago and has now made this programme a success.
Let me quote the lines of an old hindi song for all our batch mates, those who attended and those who did not:


Hope we meet again during the next re-union and hope to see more faces there…

Bye and bye for now only…